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Temporary Work Program Abroad (PTTE)

Do you need to hire human resources for your company?

We have the best workforce in Honduras!

The Government of Honduras through the Secretary of Labor and Social Security (STSS) offers the Temporary Work Program Abroad (PTTE) to assist in the recruitment and personnel selection of Hondurans, in order to meet your needs for skilled labor in the areas of Agriculture, Forestry, Building maintenance, Construction, Housing, Tourism and many more areas. These actions are develop through the Temporary Labor Migration Program without any charges for the company and the worker, transparent and along with the national and international legislation.

Our experience of connecting job opportunities of companies in countries such as United States of America, Canada, and Spain with Honduran workers has been benefited more than 1,800 workers in the last three years, covering the demand of at least 70 companies in these countries. We offer a process for selecting personnel according to their needs, guiding workers throughout the process, including the management of their visa until they return to Honduras.

If you search for members to work in your company for USA, you will submit a certification application in the United States Labor Department approved by the United States Migration Department. Then you will obtain Form I-797B, and send it to our email  For Canada, you must register in the section of this page hire Honduran or follow the link then the PTTE will be in contact to send you the WRCND-01 form, in order to specify the profile required of the workers.

When you obtain the candidates to be hired, you should request the labor market impact assessment (lmia) from service Canada and send the document to us with the contract to be able to process the workers. Our email  and for Spain you need to submit the resolution document from the government and send us the contract, our email where we will be pleasure to answer your request and indicate the following steps.

Such emails are exclusive and only for the attention of employer companies of each country. Obtaining information about our program, please fill out the following form in the corresponding country and we will be pleasure to assist you as possible and free of any charge, worker´s.

If you are an entrepreneur and you are interested in obtaining information about our program, please fill out the following form in the corresponding country and we will gladly assist you as possible and free of any charge.